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Checking voice mail, responding to e-mail, sitting in meetings, closing business deals, and returning calls on your cell phone while stuck in traffic during the morning commute. This is your life, Monday through Friday - and you thrive in it.

Your strong desire for success shows in your career and devotion to your family. The same can be said about your passion for life out of the office. You enjoy the peace and tranquility of living away from the city, the radiant view of an evening sunset, cattle grazing in the pasture, taking leisurely horseback rides, and having a few head of livestock you can call your own. You take pride in this.

Your animals are of paramount importance to you. After all, they are part of your family and way of life now. In order to relax and truly enjoy all that you have worked for, you need to have peace of mind that your animals are safely contained.    

Patriot is proudly brought to you by Tru-Test Group.

Tru-Test Group helps farmers produce the high-quality protein the world needs.

Our goal is to be a global leader in increasing farmer productivity. We do this by helping farmers around the world improve productivity and profitability through delivering the world’s best livestock tools, products and systems.

Our world leading solutions include: electric and traditional fencing, electric perimeter security systems, weighing and electronic identification, dairy automation, milk cooling, farm holding tanks and milk meters.

To find out more about Tru-Test Group, visit our company website tru-testgroup.com

Every minute of every day one of our products is being put to the test.