Plan Your Fence Layout

To get started, it helps to sketch a diagram and measure the distance of the area you'd like to fence.

Grab a pencil and walk around the area you want to fence, measuring and sketching your layout.
Include in your plan:
  • Location of buildings/ barns enclosed by or sitting adjacent to your fence Location of your fence energizer and electrical source (if required)
  • Trees, hills, low and/or wet areas, or other obstacles. It's also a good idea to have your utility company mark any underground cables or lines that may be in the immediate vicinity
  • Water supply and feeding locations Gate locations Fence termination points. 
As you're sketching your layout consider these questions:
  • Are you going to use wood posts, steel posts or rod posts? Or is it just a temporary fence with pigtail or tread‑in posts?
  • What type of gate(s) do you plan on using?
Use our handy checklist and put together a list of items required to build your fence.