SOLARGUARD 3500 Fence Energizer 12V

3.5 Output Joules, 4.6 Stored Joules

Up to 65 miles, 200 acres of fence

Solar Versatile Mounting Options Warranty - 3 Year

Product Code: 880 0004-860

Patriot, Datamars Livestock’s high-quality value electric fencing brand, is unveiling two new solar energizer models: SG2000 and SG3500. Designed for easy installation and maximum efficiency, harness solar energy to deliver reliable electric fencing power. These cutting-edge devices show our dedication to providing farmers with environmentally friendly solutions while ensuring the safety and security of their livestock and crops.

Fence condition is dependent upon a number of factors including layout, vegetation, grounding conditions, age and state of repair which can impact the performance of any electric fence. Patriot Solar Energizers are designed to operate year-round with no shading of the solar panel.


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    Product features
    • Plug and play, integrated, all-in-one compact design
    • Fully portable
    • Lightweight
    • Ideal for large remote locations without traditional power source
    • 3.5J output power
    • Multiple power modes
    • Designed for temporary or permanent installation
    • 39W solar panel
    • Internal rechargeable 12V battery          
    • LED Status Lights
    • One-hand, battery access
    • Multiple mounting options
    • Optimal voltage for maximum control
    • More powerful than comparable energizers
    • Reliable year-round performance in harsh weather
    • Included: Fence lead set, wood post mounting hardware, T-post mounting channel