SOLARGUARD 500 Fence Energizer (12V)

0.5 Output Joules, 0.65 Stored Joules

Up to 30 miles, 100 acres of fence

Solar Versatile Mounting Options Warranty - 3 Year - Inc. Lightning

Product Code: 880 0002-625

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    Product features
    • Fully portable, ‘All in One’ compact design
    • 9.6W solar panel, includes internal rechargeable 12V battery     
    • Solar powered
    • Internal rechargeable battery.
    • Flashing lights
    • Battery
    • Low impedance energizer
    • Multiple mounting options
    • Optimal voltage for maximum control
    • Fully weatherproof
    • Light-weight and easy to carry portable housing
    • More powerful than comparable energizers
    • Reliable year round performance in harsh weather
    • Fence lead set included
    • 0.5J output power